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Should You Replace Foggy Windows in Your House?

Many homeowners who have noticed their windows becoming more difficult to see through have probably wanted to ask window experts, “Should I replace foggy windows in my house?” It can be annoying or alarming when windows that once offered fantastic views and transparency one day become foggy or covered in condensation. To understand whether you should replace foggy windows in your house, it is important to understand what causes the fogginess in the first place., Should You Replace Foggy Windows in Your House?

The Causes of Foggy Windows

The root cause of windows becoming foggy or layered with condensation ultimately comes down to one major issue: seals failing. Often, the windows that homeowners see becoming foggy are double- or triple-paned — although any type of window can ultimately become plagued with fogginess. In multi-paned windows, there is a layer of gas that is sandwiched between the two pieces of glass, providing the fantastic energy efficiency these types of windows are known for. To keep the gas within the panes, there are gaskets and seals throughout the inside of the window. Over time, these seals will begin to break down, leading to the fogginess that plagues many homeowners. Fogginess can also be the result of the seal along the window frame being compromised.

These seals can fail for a variety of reasons — age, extensive use, constant sunlight, or adverse weather to name a few — and the severity of failure will influence how badly your windows fog over or trap condensation. Unfortunately, regardless of how bad the seal failure is, any fogginess in your window is an indication that its thermal performance is compromised and it is not as energy efficient as it once was.

To Replace or Not?

Homeowners will ultimately have to decide if they can live with the fogginess of their windows. Worse still, as window’s seals continue to deteriorate, not only will they be harder to look through, but more energy will have to be used to heat and cool your home. And, depending on the severity of the damage to your window and frame, repair can often cost so much that it is more prudent to simply replace the window.

If You Decide You Should Replace Foggy Windows in Your House, Turn to MaxHome

If you ultimately decide to replace the foggy windows at your home, you should turn to a trusted team to make sure that your replacement windows are custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of your window openings. With our expert installation your replacement windows will be sealed and completely airtight to provide years of fog-free enjoyment. To learn more about our replacement window options or to schedule a consultation at your home, contact us today.

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