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What Is Low-E Glass?

, What Is Low-E Glass?If you’ve been on the hunt for new replacement windows, then you’ve probably heard the term “low-E glass” thrown around a lot. But what, exactly, is low-E glass and what does it have to do with windows? Low-E, which stands for low emissivity, minimizes the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that comes through your windows. Low-E is a glass coating that is incredibly thin and transparent, and reflects heat. Essentially, low-E forms a barrier between your home and the hot outside air so that the heat cannot enter your home. It also helps keep your furniture, carpeting, and other interior fabrics from fading due to UV sunlight. However, even though it limits the amount of UV and infrared light coming into your home through your windows, you’ll still enjoy maximum sunlight reception. But now, you can open your blinds to enjoy all of the sunshine you want without worrying about raising the indoor temperature of your home.

MaxHome’s Replacement Windows Are Highly Energy Efficient

Now that you know what low-E glass is, chances are you want your new windows to have this coating. At MaxHome, we install replacement windows that feature Low-E glass that is:

  • More energy efficient in the summer and winter when compared to dual-pane glass
  • Able to block almost all UV rays
  • Nearly identical to the thermal control of tinted glass but with the light transmittance of clear glass
  • Able to provide outstanding sound penetration to block out virtually all noise pollution

Get Started Today

There’s no time like the present to upgrade your home with new replacement windows that have low-E glass. Contact MaxHome today to schedule a complimentary consultation at your home in New Orleans or a nearby city.

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